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Okay, so, um, just to let folks know what's the what, here.

Artie is an aluminum siding salesman, this week.

This is actually a canon thing. In canon, he becomes a salesman when coerced by a member in good standing of the International Adult Conspiracy, after he's been convinced that Little Pete, his best friend, doesn't want him around any more.

It all had to do with permanent press pants. Yeah, I know.

So he'll be in and out of places, attempting to sell siding this week. Hopefully not while injuring people. GOB was totally a special case in that regard.

Why is he a salesman now? I'm sure it all has to do with him managing to hide so well he couldn't find himself last week. How do we get him back to his Artie-self?

Well, in canon, this was a long, epic process involving the Artie-light, his favorite smell (tire air), his favorite sound (armpit farts), and being told that, yes, Little Pete still needed him, and was, in fact, in dire trouble at the hands of the evil villain, Paper Cut.

I watched this show religiously in my youth. You now know why I'm the way I am today.

So, in Fandom, I'm thinking folks will pretty much need to a) figure out that this isn't just some elaborate Dada demonstration, and b) remind him of his sworn, sacred duty to protect Fandom from the evil forces of emo.

Preferably after (or during) his Friday Dada workshop.


ETA for the Dadaists This means that this is pretty much the one week when Artie would give people detention. Let me know if you'd be up for having detention with V this weekend.
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